Highest torque values, optimum efficiency and maximum reliability are the hallmarks of our POSITWIN series of twin-shaft extruder drives.
The performance-optimized gears are case-hardened and ground. They maintain the bending and torsional forces and achieve an above-average transmission ratio and optimum noise behavior. The axial forces of extruder screws occurring during extrusion are safely absorbed by the gearbox and all its bearings.
Over 7,000 of our twin-screw extruder drives are used by leading companies in the plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical and food industries, proving their reliability and performance every day.

Main Features

  • Highest torques, determinable on customer request and market
  • Optimized efficiency for reduced CO2 emissions
  • High efficiency (98%) thanks to optimized gearing geometry and oil level
  • Very good noise behavior
  • High quality housing
  • ATEX certification on demand
  • Standardized lubrication system
  • Outstanding quality
  • Optimized price-performance ratio
  • Highest reliability and maximum maintenance intervals
  • High adaptability and flexibility through modular and functional design
  • Highest demands on speed, synchrony and precision
  • Extreme vibration-free and smooth running for the highest quality
  • Gearbox design according to DIN, ISO and AGMA

Technical Data

High torque density up to 20 Nm / cm³ per shaft
Flexible center distances from 15 mm to 205 mm
Screw diameter from 20 to 250 mm
Torque range up to 40,000 Nm per output shaft